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Caroline Clough Caroline Clough

Caroline began writing after her children left home and the resulting debut, Red Fever was published by Floris books and won the 2010 Kelpies Prize. Its sequel Black Tide was shortlisted for The Scottish Children's Book Prize. Silver Seas will be the final book in this thrilling adventure series for 10+. Caroline has visited many schools and literary events to meet her readers.. She is also the author of The Animal Welfare Handbook (Fourth Estate). Caroline lived in Scotland with her children and lots of animals for many years, recently locating to London. She likes to sing, dance and read.


Red Fever Red Fever

No school. No phones. No friends. Just a race for survival.

A deadly virus, red fever, has killed most people on earth. Scotland is a wasteland, overrun by dogs. Toby's little sister Sylvie is dangerously ill, so his family set sail along the north-east coast in search of medicine. As fierce pirates pursue them, and hungry dogs hound them, will they find a cure for Sylvie before it's too late?

Black Tide Black Tide

Survivors of the red fever epidemic battle on in a Scotland overrun by super-intelligent dogs and terrorised by the evil General. When the General's raiders capture Toby's dad and sister, he must save them. He invades a fort, befriends a wolf-girl and steals a speed boat. But will he find the General and save the prisoners?

A thrilling adventure series not to be missed.