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Dan Tunstall Dan Tunstall
Dan Tunstall sadly passed away in 2014. He was born in Leicester, UK in 1969. In addition to teaching for several years, Dan worked in a factory making fridges, in marketing, as a gardener and as a market trader. He lived in the West End area of Leicester with his wife, their daughters and an ever-growing collection of pets. He enjoyed playing and watching sport, particularly football and boxing. Dan liked to read, watch old films and listen to music.

Big And Clever was Dan’'s first novel for Young Adults. He wanted to write page-turning, accessible books, what he called meat and two veg” fiction.


Out of Towners Out of Towners

Exams are over and Chris and his mates are going on a lad's holiday. Their parents don't know, but what could go wrong on a trip to the seaside? Even a run in with some local lads can't spoil the anticipation. Then they meet the girls and Chris thinks he may be in luck with Steph. But seaside towns can become small places when you've pissed off the local hard cases.

'Peters Librarians' Book for the week June 2011
Achuka Summer 2011 Reading Choice

Big and Clever Big and Clever

Tom’s whole life is straight out of Crap Towns. Mum died, Dad’s a waster and school is tough. Tom and Raks are bottom of the pecking order, surviving on their sense of humour, and it just shouldn’t be that way. Then they befriend ‘ASBO boy’ Ryan and go to Letchford Town game with him. When it kicks off outside the ground with the Castleton fans Tom and Raks are ready and up for it. Tom is hooked and can’'t wait for the next home game. Suddenly everyone at school notices them. Tom and Raks have an identity, they have power — but inevitably, at what cost?

A gritty and exhilarating Young Adult debut

UK: Five Leaves 2009

‘The novel captures small town teenage life with conviction’
- The School Librarian, Autumn 2009
‘Dan Tunstall’s first novel is violent, frank and really well grounded. It’s completely convincing. Not for the fainthearted’
- The Book Doctor, Leicester Link Autumn 2009
‘For once the words 'gritty' and 'real' are not wasted if you want to read about other people's lives, enjoy exciting plot lines and a gripping story, then this is for you.’
- Armadillo Magazine, Autumn 2009
‘Very much in the same style as Melvin Burgess, Big and Clever is a modern morality tale about loyalty and belonging, which cleverly sidesteps any clumsy moralising.’
- CHIMP magazine, Manchester September/October 2009

Seconds Out Seconds Out


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