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Rights Brochure - 2019


Middle Grade
Don't Feed The Troll DON'T FEED THE TROLL by John Hickman                                                             Friends/Humour

Jack fancies Chloe but he's made a fool of himself and now Chloe's friend Isaac is gloating. Jack is so angry he invents a Twitter account called King Troll and begins tweeting insults to Isaac and Chloe. King Troll is soon the talk of the school. Who is behind it? They all want to know. Jack is getting a massive buzz. Then he hears that the trolling has made Chloe ill. When Jack deletes his accounts he thinks that's the end of it. But then he receives an email from 'King Troll'.King Troll knows who he is and where he lives...        28,000 words


The Mind Reader Trilogy MINDREADER TRILOGY by Pete Johnson                                                                            FANTASY

I know what you're thinking...

Matt can read minds. He can find out secrets and he has this great sense of power. But what Matt doesn't expect is that it's dangerous. New fantasy adventure for Middle Grade        Each title 15,000 words


FREDDIE MALONE ADVENTURES Series FREDDIE MALONE ADVENTURES Series by Clive Mantle                                           ADVENTURE

**People's Book Prize 2019 WINNER**

On his thirteenth birthday Freddie is presented with an ancient map. Its magical potential is discovered when he finds himself hurtling through time and space. His best friend Connor rushes round to hear of amazing adventures in the foothills of Everest and the theft of ancient treasures. What is in the mysterious old sandwich box that Freddie keeps with him as if his life depends upon it? Book Two in this Series publishes in June with a thrilling Egyptian adventure.      50,000 words


Freaks United FREAKS UNITED SERIES by John Hickman                                                       9+ Football/Humour

Seth, Beefy and Angelo can't believe it when they aren't selected for the football team at their new school. Then they are labelled the 'Freaks' who didn't make it. So do they go home and give up the dream, or do they start their own team? The Freaks United are born - and they are going to live up to their name.

Book 2: On Tour Book 3: Europe here we come!

A football series with a difference.        28,000 words


LOUIS THE LAUGH Series LOUIS THE LAUGH Series by Pete Johnson - 5 TITLES                                                          Family

HOW TO FOOL YOUR PARENTS is the fifth hilarious book about Louis's agonies with his embarrassing parents. This successful series is now in 25 languages.        40,000 words