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I Was There - Richard III The Cry Of The Icemark Blade Of Fire Last Battle Of The Icemark Prince Of The Icemark I Was There - Viking Invasion

Stuart Hill

Stuart is available for general school events to talk about his background, his books and being a writer, as well as enthusing about history and learning. Published in 18 languages, Stuart's books have been included in the Ofsted recommended list designed to encourage boys to read. He visits many schools to give talks and encourage creative writing.

Years 4-6

I WAS THERE - RICHARD III    Scholastic short novel

The Year is 1464 and a twelve year old Richard is at Middleham Castle where he is engaged in knights' training with his friend Francis Lovell, as the Wars of the Roses rage around them. The boys long for their first experience of battle, and their chance might come sooner than they think!

Jump into an exciting first person adventure.

You'll be able to imagine you were really there!


I WAS THERE - VIKING INVASION    Scholastic short novel

It's 867, and young Aldwyn and his family have heard rumours that the terrifying Viking Army are heading for York. Can they protect their home and escape in time?

More gripping first person adventure.


Middle Grade Fiction


'A Junior Game of Thrones'

THE CRY OF THE ICEMARK follows headstrong princess Thirrin as she becomes a warrior queen of her homeland, Icemark, and defends it against a brutal invasion by terrifying creatures. Cry of the Icemark was published in 2005 by Chicken House and won the inaugural Waterstones Children's Book Prize the same year. BLADE OF FIRE and LAST BATTLE OF THE ICEMARK continue this mesmerizing series. The first prequel to the Icemark series is Prince of the Icemark, following Prince Redrought as he defends the country against werewolves, vampires and zombies - now 2015 Red House Book Award shortlisted.

"Unforgettable scenes and characters." Cornelia Funke