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David Belbin David Belbin

Since publication of his first novel in 1990 David has found success in many guises as a teen author. His gripping thrillers for young adults under Scholastic's Point Crime Imprint included successes like SHOOT THE TEACHER, AVENGING ANGEL and THE BEAT - David's gripping series following young police recruits. He is also the author of many young adult novels for Hodder, including THE LAST VIRGIN and DENIAL.

David's controversial novel, LOVE LESSONS tackling student-teacher relationships was awarded second prize to Harry Potter in the 2000 North East Book Award. He was shortlisted for the same award in 2002 with his thriller DEAD GUILTY.

Born in Sheffield, Dave has lived in Nottingham since studying English and American Literature at Nottingham University. He was a part and full-time teacher for a year before turning to writing full-time.


The Last Virgin The Last Virgin

Six fifteen-year-old girls: no-one wants to be the last to lose their virginity. Meg has been left in the care of her godfather while her parents work abroad. Iain, the local stud, thinks that just a little more patience than usual will be enough to get Meg to go to bed with him, after all he's had sex with one of her best friends already. But Iain is in for a surprise, but then again, so are Meg, Zoe and the others.

UK:Hodder Young Adult

Festival Festival

It's the event of the summer - three days in June. Jake is playing his first Glastonbury - this could be his big break. Leila has finished her exams and wants to have fun, but first she has to find a way to get there. Wilf has to jump the fence - and there's a big surprise waiting on the other side. Holly gets in free. It's her tenth festival and she's promised herself it'll be the last. For three Glastonbury newcomers and one fourteen year-old veteran, itís going to be a life changing experience.

UK:Hodder Young Adult

China Girl China Girl


Denial Denial


no image Dead Guilty

New in town, sixth former Jon Crier finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is arrested for the murder of a young woman. Friends and family turn against him. As the plot twists and turns, Jon finds it hard to tell fact from fiction. Surely, someone is out to get him. But who?

UK: Five Leaves Young Adult

no image The Right Moment

In occupied France, Jean, a Parisian boy is sent to the country. But even his uncle's farm can't help getting caught up with the bandits and the black market. One cousin wants to be a saboteur. The other goes to work for the Germans. Jean waits for the right moment to make his own stand.

UK: A & C Black WWII Flashbacks

Love Lessons Love Lessons

Rachel has a crush on her new English teacher. Mike fancies Rachel too. But neither plans to do anything about it. Then the school play brings them closer together, really close. Highly recommended and controversial novel about a student-teacher relationship.

The Beat Series The Beat Series

Gripping series following the lives and work of young police officers in Nottingham. The series is completed with a specially extended novel.

Point titles for Scholastic - Young Adult


Thriller set against the background of the professional ladies tennis circuit.


Who is behind the deadly accidents on the film set? Beautiful Sarah is in her first starring role. Together with her brother Jon, she must uncover the truth.


The day after Andrew arrives at his girlfriend, Vicki's large country house, her mother is killed in a terrible accident. But no-one seems sorry .


Rachel and Matt Gun are baffled by the strange fog which descends over the country, but when their father disappears from his job at the weather station, the two youngsters decide to investigate.