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Kite Identity - Everybody Lies KITE IDENTITY Series - Everybody Lies

When billionaire Jack Kite dies in a helicopter crash, his teenage children Megan and Luke can't trust anyone, not even each other. An attempt on Megan's life forces her to go on the run - and was the explosion at Luke's flat an accident? Megan must survive until her eighteenth birthday to inherit the Kite Corporation. Can Luke and Megan find out who is after them and maybe also find her father's killer? These gripping Bourne-style thrillers are a 2010 highlight for Hachette.

UK: Hachette 2010 57,000 words **World Rights: Hachette**

Kite Identity - Bad company KITE IDENTITY Series - Bad Company


Kite Identity - Spft Targets KITE IDENTITY Series - Soft Targets


Spray Spray

'gripping, ingenious fun.' Financial Times

Itís a scorching summer and a group of teenagers sign up for an assassination game on the street of a big city. Their weapons: pressurised water pistols. For some, itís more than harmless fun. To win theyíll use any means necessary.

Two hundred players. Three weeks of intense action. Itís a game where every stalker is being stalked and only one player will be left standing.

An exciting debut from Harry Edge provides a Summer 2008 highlight for Hachette Childrenís Books.

Publication August 2008