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John Hickman John Hickman

John grew up on a council estate in Wolverhampton. Having narrowly avoided expulsion from the local high school he emerged with three A-levels and went on to study animation at university before moving to Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he trained as a social worker and now works with children. John completed a creative writing MA at Newcastle University for which he was awarded a distinction. He enjoys films, books, music and keeping fit. John wants to write page-turning commercial fiction for 8+. John's first book, FREAKS UNITED, was shortlisted for the 2017 Hull Book Award. There will be a sequel out in 2018. He also now writes for Bloomsbury, who will publish four short novels in THE FOOTBALL TRIALS series this year.


Freaks United Freaks United Series

It's unthinkable for Seth, Beefy and Angelo not be selected for the football team at their new school - but that's exactly what happens at trials. And the aftermath sees them labelled the 'Freaks' who didn't make it. Now the lads have new enemies in the form of Bieber-a-like Daniel Logan and meathead P.E. teacher Mr Steele. So do they go home and give up the dream, or do they start their own team?

The Freaks United are born - and they are going to live up to their name.

A fun, footballing debut about the lads who don't get picked.

Award Publications 2016