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Alison Prince Alison Prince

Alison was born in Kent and studied art at the Slade School. After teaching for some years she turned to writing, firstly for children's television before going on to write children's books for all ages. Her novel, THE SHERWOOD HERO was joint winner of The Guardian Children's Fiction Award in 1996 and she enjoyed success in 2002, winning the Scottish Arts Council Children's Book of the Year prize with ORANGES AND MURDER. Alison also writes for adults, including poetry, essays and critically acclaimed biographies of Kenneth Grahame and Hans Christian Andersen. She has won the Literary Review's Grand Poetry Prize and her new collection was runner up for the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award. Alison has three grown up children and lives on the Isle of Arran.


The Lost King The Lost King

Edward V became King of England at just twelve years old. He didn't stand a chance. Within weeks Edward was deposed and his uncle Richard III was king - though Henry Tudor was challenging him for the crown. Edward and his brother were sent to the Tower of London for their protection. The boys should have been safe in the grim fortress. But they were never seen again.

What really happened to the princes in the Tower? Was Richard responsible - or has he been wrongly accused for centuries?

A&C Black    2014    Translation: Bloomsbury

Tudor Stories For Girls My Story - Tudor Queens

Experience history first-hand with My Story in these vividly imagined accounts of life in Henry VIII's court. Alison's four very successful Tudor Queens titles are published by Scholastic UK.

Anne Boleyn and Me Anne Boleyn and Me


Catherine of Aragon Catherine of Aragon


Henry 8th's Wives Henry 8th's Wives


no image No Ordinary Lovesong

Cal hates what human beings are doing to the planet - and human beings, most of the time. Cal likes music and Kerry from Australia, who's so beautiful it hurts. But when liking turns to love, everything changes.

UK/US: Walker Books        World Rights: Walker Books

no image The Summerhouse

What goes on behind the drawn, secretive blinds of the summerhouse? Abby and her friends - even tough, suspicious Chokker are desperate to find out. And when Stan, the irritable owner finally lets them in, the children's curiosity only deepens. Stan is trying to write a book, but is stuck for ideas. The children make suggestions - and gradually begin to create another world. A world where they can safely explore their own dreams and memories - even those they would rather forget. A world where the police are turning a blind eye to the secretive experiments of a sinister research institute. Before long, Stan, the children and even their families are finding out more about themselves and each other than they could ever have expected.

UK: Walker Books        10+

no image The Fortune Teller

Mick's mother is widowed and struggling to keep a run-down boarding house. The future looks bleak, but then she consults a fortune teller, who predicts that Mick will die. Mick tries to laugh it off, but other parts of the prediction start to come true. Can he cheat his own destiny?

UK: Hodder Young Adult

no image Oranges And Murder

People say that Joey's really the son of a lord. Sometimes he wonders if it's true, but he's busy selling oranges in the market and thinking about a girl called Rose. But then a man is murdered and when Joey finds himself suspected, he's forced to go into hiding. And that's when he starts to uncover dark secrets - secrets that could end up changing everything.

UK: OUP        12+

no image How's Business

Life in the country has its moments for evacuee Howard Grainger - like the local auction where he proves that making money is easy, when you know How! And there's always the cheerful letters from his mother to keep him going Then the letters suddenly stop. With just a few pence to his name, How makes the dangerous journey back to London and begins the desperate search for his mother.

UK: Hodder        10+

no image Bird Boy

William's parents have brought The Grange and it soon becomes apparent that it's a very strange place: "ever since the Bird Boy went missing," the builder says. One night William finds a key under the floorboards - leaving it on his bedside table, it seems to glow in the dark. And the black bird is waiting for him every time he leaves the house. William must find whatever the key unlocks and unravel the mystery of the Bird Boy.

UK: Hodder        10+

no image Dear Del

Del is coming to stay. Fran can't wait, stuck on an island - she's been longing for a friend - someone who understands. But Del is a girl with problems of her own

UK: Hodder        10+

no image Hans Christian Anderson: The Fan Dancer

Alison Prince takes a controversial line in this new study of the great Danish author. A new reading of his diaries and letters produces evidence that his emotional stability and notorious obsession with proving himself a success sprang less from his ugly duckling rise from obscurity than from a latent and unwillingly recognised homosexuality. This insight produces a fresh and warmly sympathetic understanding of Andersen's relentless life and the suffering which imbues his stories.