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Gary Morecombe Gary Morecombe

Gary Morecambe is the son of the comedian Eric Morecambe. He was born in Enfield, London, 1956. After several years as a publicist for a leading theatrical agency, he became a full-time writer in 1992 and has written or been involved in writing over 20 books ranging from biography to fiction and children’s fiction.

In 2001 he was consultant to Kenneth Branagh’s West End and Broadway smash hit The Play What I Wrote, a tribute to Morecambe and Wise and a project Gary says gave him the most pleasure out of all those he has been involved with. He is constantly involved in various projects as the fascination with Morecambe and Wise continues. Next year, he is executive producer of the award-winning play "Morecambe", as it sets out on tour.

He has recently been writing-producing-directing a series of short films for SKY 191 and film festival through his own production company.

Gary has four grown children, two of whom live abroad, and he spends his time in Bath and Portugal with his partner Margo.


no image The Vampire Trilogy

Following on from the popular vampire titles for children by Eric Morecambe, Gary took up the theme with a new trilogy. These are funny and exciting reads for 9+ which children race through.

no image Tales Of Dracula's Daggers

COUNT KRINKELFIEND'S QUEST (In which we meet a vampire by a campfire...)
THE RETURN OF THE COUNT (In which the Undead get out of bed...)
DRACULA'S REVENGE (In which an intruder in the crypt disturbs Vlad's kip...)