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Stuart Hill Stuart Hill

Stuart Hill is the award-winning author of the acclaimed Icemark Trilogy of historical fantasy novels. The Cry of the Icemark was published in 2005 by Chicken House and won the inaugural Waterstones Children's Book Prize the same year. 2013 saw the release of the first prequel to the Icemark series entitled Prince of the Icemark. Stuart's novels have been translated into 18 languages and he is invited to many schools and festivals to talk about his work. Stuart now writes for Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Lonely Planet.



When Edwin the kitchen boy meets the young prince, Althelstan, he doesn't realise that his life is about to change forever. Before long he is the prince's personal servant and training to be a warrior. The battle against the Danish invaders is fierce. Will Edwin and Athelstan be ready, and can Edwin keep the future king safe?


Lift the flaps and step back in time with this beautiful gift book from Lonely Planet Publishing.

Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

The Year is 1666. A huge fire is sweeping through London, destroying everything in its path. 12 year-old Tom - servant to Samuel Pepys - has lost his dog, Pip, in the chaos and runs after him. Will Tom ever find Pip in the smoke and blaze? Will the fire ever be brought under control?

Scholastic Age 7-10

Shield Maiden Shield Maiden

Aethelflaed's childhood ended at ten years old when the Danish Army attacked King Alfred the Great - her father. Forced to flee to an island in the marshes, Aethelflaed is trained to use a spear and a sword, and before long she is ready to fight to win the kingdom.

Bloomsbury Age 9-13

I Was There - Viking Invasion I Was There - Viking Invasion

It's 867, and young Aldwyn and his family have heard rumours that the terrifying Viking Army are heading for York. Can they protect their home and escape in time?

More gripping first person adventure.

Scholastic Age 7-10

I Was There - Richard III I Was There - Richard III

The Year is 1464 and a 12 year old Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is under the protection of the Earl of Warwick at Middleham Castle in Yorkshire. Here, he is immersed in knights' training, and along with his friend Francis Lovell, the boys yearn for their first experience of battle. Richard is thrilled to discover they are to ride with the Yorkist army, to Hexham, where they expect to meet Lancastrian opposition. How close can they get to their first blooding for the Yorkist cause, as the Wars of the Roses rages around them?

Scholastic Age 7-10

The Cry Of The Icemark The Cry Of The Icemark

After the death of her beloved father, headstrong princess Thirrin Freer Strong-In-The-Arm Lindenshield becomes warrior queen of her homeland, Icemark, defending it from a formidable invader. Despite Thirrin's bravery and the support of Oskan, the Witch's son, the task proves more difficult than Thirrin ever dreamed. She must assemble a force to rival her opponent. And, in the chill winter of Icemark, she only has until spring to unite the strange beasts and frightening creatures who live just outside her country. Ultimately, it is Thirrin's vision and determination that will see her through to victory.


Blade Of Fire Blade Of Fire

Many years have passed since Queen Thirrin and her allies defended the Icemark against a brutal invasion. But now General Bellorum is back, along with his bloodthirsty spawn, twin sons even more vicious than him. Thirrin and Oskan also have a family: two girls and three boys. But darkness lurks within the House of Lindenshield: Medea, the couple's cold-hearted, fifteen-year-old daughter, who's just coming into her magical powers, may be the downfall of the kingdom. It's up to her brother, Charlemagne, crippled by polio as a child, to return from exile and rescue the land he loves.


Last Battle Of The Icemark Last Battle Of The Icemark

Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good -- burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It made her stronger. Now, allied with Cronus, embodiment of all evil, the young sorceress is plotting revenge. Queen Thirrin is distracted by a new invader whose troops ride huge triceratops-like beasts into battle. But the warlock Oskan realizes the true threat to the kingdom is the demon army assembled by his daughter. To ensure the Icemark's eternal safety, he knows he must destroy her soul - even at the risk of his own.


Prince Of The Icemark Prince Of The Icemark

When his brother, the King, is killed in battle, Prince Redrought must rally his people and learn to defend the tiny country against supernatural invaders - werewolves, vampires and zombies. Redrought must take the fight to enemy territory, The-Land-of-the-Ghosts, and it's there he will fall or stand for ever in the legends of the Icemark as King Redrought Athelstan Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, Bear of the North.