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'Pete Johnson is a master storyteller.' The Bookseller

Pete Johnson's first novel for the 9-12 age group THE GHOST DOG was voted winner of the Young Telegraph Fully Booked Award and the Stockton Libraries Children's Book of the Year - an accolade he earned for a second time in 2001 for THE CREEPER. The awards success has kept on coming for the UK's top comedy writer for children.

Pete Johnson's first novel for the 9-12 age group THE GHOST DOG was voted winner of the Young Telegraph Fully Booked Award and since then the awards success has kept on coming.

Born in Winchester, Pete studied English at Birmingham University and went on to teach English and Drama at a secondary school in Buckinghamshire. It was there that he wrote his first novel for teenagers, SECRETS FROM THE SCHOOL UNDERGROUND, drawn from his observations and reflections on his students. The book became an immediate hit. Pete sees writing as 'an incredible form of investigation'. This has involved him going on ghost hunts to help research WE, THE HAUNTED and THE DEAD HOUR and persuading his sister, Linda to become a contestant on Blind Date to gain knowledge for I'D RATHER BE FAMOUS (she won!).

Pete's novels have sold widely in translation, now 25 languages, and he has visited Europe to meet his readers as well as schools and libraries all over the UK. He believes that 'one of the best things an author can do, is show the reader he, or she, is not on their own.' For thousands of readers, Pete Johnson's books have done just that.

Pete is now widely regarded as one of the biggest names in humorous children's fiction and is an Amazon bestseller. MY PARENTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Prize and there are now five books in the Parents series published by Award Publications. Pete's new series, MINDREADER, about Matt and his magical crystal will publish in the autumn.



There are now five books in this award winning series about Louis's agonies with his embarrassing parents.


The Vampire Series The Vampire Bewitched

So you thought vampires could only rob you of your blood? In 'The Vampire Bewitched', what they steal from humans is even more valuable and irreplaceable. Wise-cracking Marcus and self-styled vampire expert, Tallulah find themselves caught up in something bigger and darker than ever before...

'Perfect' - The Bookbag

UK/US: Random House     Translation:JLA      38,000 words

Awesome Awesome

Ben is just the new boy - until the most beautiful girl in school, Jasmine, mistakes him for the star of TV show 'Awesome!' Ben doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth. As his lie spirals out of control and more and more people begin to believe it, will Ben do the right thing and come clean?

The Vampire Blog The Vampire Blog

When Marcus's parents tell him his body is about to go through some changes he doesn't expect they will start with a white fang appearing in his mouth. But Marcus is a half-vampire. His parents warn him not to try and resist the transformation, but Marcus wants to stay as he is - until he finds himself in great danger and discovers an incredible secret.

In The Vampire Hunters Tallulah thinks she has found a particularly deadly vampire living in the village

The Vampire Fighters continues this exciting series and a fourth is now contracted.

Blue Peter Book of the Month June 2011

'Perfect' - The Book Bag

The Vampire Hunters The Vampire Hunters

Book two in Pete's Vampire Series.

The Vampire Fighters The Vampire Fighters

Book three in Pete's Vampire Series.

The TV Time Travellers The TV Time Travellers

What was World War II really like? For three weeks five modern and very different children will have the chance to find out when they become the TV Time Travellers. Rupert, Zac, Izzy and Harriet will live as though it is 1939 for a reality TV show. They will have to carry gas masks all the time, rush to a shelter when the siren wails and are allowed to eat only wartime rations. They will also have lessons with the strictest teachers they’ve ever known. Tensions between them rise. Can they even trust each other? Then comes a truly astonishing surprise...

Pete Johnson is now published in 22 languages.

UK: Random House June 2009         3,000 words         Translation: JLA

How To Get Famous How To Get Famous

2009 Sheffield Libraries Award Winner

Tobey is determined he will get famous. When he and his friend Georgia audition for starring roles in the local play, it could be their big chance. But then disaster strikes... Can Tobey turn this tragedy around and find a way to be famous after all?