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Maxine Linnell Maxine Linnell

Maxine Linnell grew up in Leicester. She read English at Birmingham University and spent much of her time writing for the university newspaper and magazine. Later she became involved in community work, had two children, and eventually trained as a psychotherapist. In 2007 she gained a distinction in the Nottingham Trent University MA in Creative Writing. After living in Bristol and North Devon Maxine now lives back in Leicester, is involved in a community of local writers, sings regularly and feeds the many birds which are attracted to her garden. Maxine has published a one-act play, has had short stories broadcast on local radio and poems published in small poetry magazines. One of her poems recently won a national poetry competition.

The idea for Maxine’'s debut novel came from thinking about the huge differences between young people’s lives now and in the 1960s. What would happen if two young people from these very contrasting times swapped times, identities and bodies? This is what happens to Holly and Marilyn in the book. Maxine has examined the different ideas of freedom and contrasting expectations of young people at such different times.


Closer Closer

Mel. You wouldn't mess with her. She doesn't care about much, but when things go wrong at home, she cares. She has to find out what's going on. It's not a choice. And when she does, everything in her life falls apart. And everything has to change.

UK: Five Leaves Publications      2011      43,000 words      Translation: JLA

Vintage Vintage

Holly and Marilyn would rather be anywhere but here on this normal Friday afternoon. Then something weird happens and they change places. There's only one problem. Holly lives in 2010. Marilyn lives in 1962.

Vintage is Maxine's first novel.

UK: Five Leaves Publications      2010      43,000 words      Translation: JLA