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Clive Mantle Clive Mantle

Clive was born in Barnet, London. A familiar face of British TV and film, he has also had an impressive career on the stage in a variety of lead roles. Clive attended the National Theatre before training at RADA. He was nominated for an Olivier Award in 1984 for his role in OF MICE AND MEN and went on to play Little John in ITV’s superb Robin of Sherwood in the 1980s before roles in Casualty and The Vicar of Dibley. Clive has appeared in dozens of radio plays and is a popular voice of talking books. He is the only man in cinema history to beat up Clint Eastwood and survive to the end of the film! Clive is married with a young son. He lives in Wiltshire and is a season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge.

The Treasure At The Top Of The World is Clive’'s fabulous first novel for 8-11's. The novel blends classic boys’ adventure with gritty modern elements. In 2001 Clive achieved a life long ambition when he completed a charity trek 18,420 feet to the Mount Everest Base Camp. His experiences in Nepal provide the inspiration for the book.


no image The Treasure At The Top Of The World

Are you a believer?

Connor and Freddie are best friends. Freddie hurtles through time and space via his huge world map for heroic adventures—usually on a Thursday. Connor is Freddie’s self-proclaimed protector, against the ‘non-Believers’ led by Jasper and his crew. But this time Freddie returns from his latest escapade battered and bruised. Connor rushes round to hear of the amazing trip to the foothills of Everest and the theft of ancient treasures. What is in the mysterious old sandwich box that Freddie keeps with him as if his life depends upon it? Connor finds himself having a vital part to play in saving the day and maybe even solving one of mountaineering’s greatest mysteries. This is the first of the Adventures Of Freddie Malone